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Why This Program Will Suit You?
  • Tried and Tested, a results Driven Program 
  • This experience will be just what you needed to break out of that rut or plateau and reinvigorate your training
  • Every workout will be included with a detailed explanation HD video demos in a private FB group
  • ​Modifications and alternatives for every single exercise so that we can meet you where you're at regardless of experience level and equipment availability.
  • ​Access daily nutrition tips, understanding how to build a good food relationship.
  • ​A fun and balanced approach of using dumbbells and bodyweight. 
  • ​Easy to follow even if you are a complete BEGINNER! 

What If I Told You.. That I Was Just like You

Fitness was NEVER my passion let alone my #1 Priority 

This was me at 32

Here's my story...

I was 32, overweight and injured...working 9-5 in corporate feeling miserable and wanting to take control of my health. You see growing up I was very active and had my fair share of medals in Athletics.
June 2016, I remember seating in the office feeling my lowest, as I was far from my glory days, waiting to leave work and head to my favourite pub to meet up with my friends for our usual session. It was a great night out but when I got back home that night...everything just came crashing down. It hit me HARD. I needed to take control of my health and NOT let it spiral out of control.

The next morning I woke up, filled with determination, READY to make that CHANGE!

So with a burst of passion, I started working out again. Pushing hard despite my old injuries, learning from different coaches online and offline. The first few days were great, I felt that this was going some where and was determined to be a healthier version of myself.  


This “passion” only lasted a few weeks because I failed to plan. I was working out for the sake of working out….I had no goals, no direction and this was the 1st lesson I learnt in my fitness journey.  


The 2nd lesson I learnt from this experience was that you need a COMMUNITY to help you achieve your fitness goal. You will very likely give up if you’re on this journey alone. I too gave up a few times until I discovered MY COMMUNITY... 

After burning through HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of RINGGIT, I eventually came across METAFIT HIIT and that is where my life really changed. The program is a proven and tested comprehensive body workout program that not only helped me lose weight, but also gave me back my LIFE.  

Hi, I am Veejay, your certified trainer, a MetafitHIIT, MetaPWR and Kettlebell performance & Functional coach. 

Here at VeejayFitin30 we are more than just a workout program…we are a COMMUNITY

A community of positive people who: 

✅Motivate each other to do more, to be better . 

✅ Keep each other accountable of their goals and targets through positive reinforcement . 

✅ Encourage each other to do the very best they can because working out with us is NOT a competition. 

I am so excited to have you be part of this community.  

Speak to you REAL soon

-Veejay, 2020-

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Who Should Join This Program?
  • Working Adults
  • People who want to take control of their health
  • People who are sick and tired of feeling....sick & tired 
  • Beginners who have never workout before
  • Season athletes who want to stay in shape


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